About Us

RAVANI DEVELOPERS, a company with more than 25 years of experience is now one of the sought after names in the construction arena of the state. Given the immense scope in the housing industry in India, the company has been focusing in promoting a series of large and medium residential apartments / townships in several areas of the city. It thrives in a field that is highly competitive, thanks to timely innovations, meticulous planning, constant updating of methodologies and acquisition of the latest equipments.

RAVANI DEVELOPERS has acquired goodwill due to its fair and noble policy, time, quality and commitments. Transparent dealing is the key of success. The group intends to build residential and commercial buildings and to sell or lease the same with better remuneration. We pride ourselves in pioneering the concept of integrated townships in Surat. Our efforts serve to create self sufficient communities out of pockets of land and provide our customers the highest lifestyle standards.

The core values we cherish will not change over time:

  • A belief that the company exists for the benefit of customers, owners, employees, local residents and our country.
  • Healthy environments in which all team members help one another to achieve their individual goals and collective team goals.
  • An environment in which all employees can grow to a level where talents and abilities will take them without pulling anyone else down.
  • A work environment conducive to growth of all employees as individuals and as team members.
  • A quality product that improves the standard of living for resident and enhances the community in which it is built.


We designed building in such a manner that it has minimum impact on its immediate global environment, less harmful to ecology consumption without sacrificing comfort levels. In which one can fill the prime concern that reaching for the sky does not imply forgetting your earthly responsibilities.

Simple and maintenance free services layout and precise execution of civil construction. It is an attempt to create emotional harmony within physical space; in short it is an ultramodern progressive feature of development which also retains the regional characteristics of the architecture.


To build a house of your dream with beautiful landscape and skyscape, so then your dreams come true.

  • Sat, May 1, 2010
  • 31 June 2008
  • "Ravani Developers launch Dream Business House."
  • "Inauguration of DREAM HOUSE."

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