Plants Care

Summer time is vacation time. Just make sure your holidaying doesn’t result in your plants drying up. Here’s what you can do to keep your houseplants healthy and green.

A week or so before your trip, monitor room temperature with a thermometer placed on the floor. Check frequently to determine fluctuations of temperature. Ideally temperature should be between low-to-mid 40s during the day, falling into the upper 30s at night. At this range, your plants will survive without extra care for a few weeks.

» Water all plants the day before you leave, whether they need it or not. Let the pots drain fully.

» Cover the floor of the room with newspapers and plastic and place all your plants together in the room.

» Open curtains, drapes or blinds to allow optimum light to enter the room. Make sure plants aren't in drafts.

» You can also use self-watering wicks available in most plant stores for watering.

» If you don't have a room for the plants, try leaving them in the tub. After soaking them good, cover them with a sheet of plastic and they'll survive for 2 weeks or longer.

» Keep the vents open in the bathroom so the room will remain cool and the heat won't dry the plants out.

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